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GRLevelX stormed onto the radar viewer scene a couple of years ago, quickly improving to become the most complete and capable radar viewing application suite available. For more information about the three applications (GRLevel3, GRLevel2, and the newly-released GRLevel2Analyst), please go to the GRLevelX website. Below is a list of functioning dynamic and static placefiles. Note that the scripts run whenever they are called, but the update frequency refers to the amount of time the script tells the application to wait before ingesting the placefile again.

There are a few other placefiles that I use, such as the AHWR (All-Hazards Weather Radio, aka NOAA Weather Radio -- I may combine this placefile into the "repeaters" placefile) and a roadsigns placefile.

To use the dynamic placefiles

  • Open the "Placefile Manager" (Window >> Show Placefile Manager)
  • Click the folder icon in the upper-left part of the Placefile Manager window
  • Enter (or copy/paste) the URL / internet address of the placefile.  Do NOT save the placefile locally (to your hard drive)!
  • If the placefile downloads successfully, the title of the placefile will display in the Placefile Manager window.  The placefile will download automatically at the determined interval -- you do NOT need to do anything to update the placefile(s).

To use the static placefiles

  • Since these files do not update regularly, there is no reason for GRx to download the placefile content regularly.
  • Please open the static placefile by clicking on the link below, then clicking the link in the placefile-specific page that will open.  You can also right-click on the placefile, then choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...". You want to SAVE this placefile locally to a folder on your hard drive.
  • Open Placefile Manager, click the folder icon, then BROWSE to the file on your hard drive.
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